Total Activation

Promotions. Platforms. National Team. Retail Team.

You’re stretched for time. You’re challenged to do more with less. You’re pushed to drive greater results for your retailers and your brand. We get it. At Flash Point, we’ve got everything you need to get the results you demand. Including an experienced in-house marketing promotions team. Multiple state-of-the art digital/social media platforms. A seasoned National Account Team that knows the terrain. And even a dedicated Retail Team that will work to harness the full potential of your retailers and optimize results. That's Total Activation. And, at Flash Point, it's just a single phone call away.


Turnkey Digital Social Promotions.

You’re under pressure to generate awareness, interest, leads and foot traffic for your brand. And you’ve got an idea for a promotion. But can you find a single company that has the resources you need to design, develop, host and manage your digital promotion? Probably. Will they also have the legal and bonding resources to ensure your promotion is compliant with all state and local laws? Maybe. Will they have the in-house fulfillment capabilities to ensure that each promotion goes off without a hitch? No? Well, now you do. At Flash Point, we offer hassle-free, worry-free digital and social promotions. From beginning to end.


Lead Delivery. Email. Social Media Publishing. PinPoint.

Does your brand include retailers or ad groups? Flash Point’s cutting edge technologies are tailor-made for you. Our social media platforms generate high-quality leads with such pinpoint accuracy, we call it PinPoint Targeting. Our email and delivery platforms ensure your retailers have a steady stream of hot leads. Put it all together and you’ll see why some of the world’s finest agencies and Fortune 50 brands turn to Flash Point.

National Teams

Nationwide Support. Seasoned Marketing Pros.

When you’re getting ready for your next major launch, stop and ask yourself a few questions. Does your current vendor give you the national account support you need to get all your field offices on the same page? Does it have the local expertise to keep retailers in your corner? Has it shown the flexibility and nimbleness to turn on a dime when needed? At Flash Point, this is what we’re known for. Speed. Flexibility. Expertise. Results.

Retail Teams

Forget “Support”. Think Activation.

Lots of companies talk about “supporting” retailers. But to drive successful results, you need more. You need activation every step of the way. At Flash Point, we install digital social promotions on local websites and Facebook pages. We co-manage their properties. We design and manage email marketing and Facebook ad buys. We can generate in-store point-of-purchase material. And we deliver solid, reliable metrics. Forget support. Think Activation.